www.buysellrentpatna.inI dreamt and dreamed all through my adolescence. Now when the time has come to work for that dream, which by now has turned into a definite desire, I have joined Patna ka Apna property portal, www.buysellrentpatna.in to make my dream an achievement. “The greatest achievement was; at first and for a time BUT a dream.” Real estate is tangible, it’s solid, it’s beautiful. It’s artistic”, I share Donald Trump’s standpoint, and I too just love real estate. The best part of my journey is “I am loving and feeling it “. To put it in one sentence Real Estate is my PASSION. The easy thing for Marshal Field was to leave Chicago along with others BUT he stayed to create history, a burning desire turned into the legendary company and THE building. We at www.buysellrentpatna.in agree that Bihar is the least urbanized state of India, with lowest per capita income and therefore we see the opportunity; the coming growth and the digitization. And we know; Practical dreamers do NOT QUIT. The growth story of Bihar will be played most ELABORATELY in the real estate sector and Patna in Bihar will lead it. Before we catch the growth bandwagon, there is a phase; what we call learning; that we will go through, The ups and downs. And in this part of my journey, I am fortunate to be surrounded by Believers. Yes, I am talking about the TEAM at www.buysellrentpatna.in. It is all about my efforts that will unfold the story. I do not work at www.buysellrentpatna.in because I love my work, I am not working but I am living and constructing my dreams of yesteryears, A digital Patna real estate. Patna real estate based upon RESEARCH and Due Diligence. www.buysellrentpatna.in has wired me with my dreams; its plug and play. “A dream becomes the goal when action is taken toward its achievement “. Patna was a GREAT city, I learned in the history books, now we will make it great again.

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