7 killer Tips For Real Estate SEO

What is Real Estate SEO? SEO is a technique to optimize website both internally and externally to rank on the search engine results page. There are 7 killer tips to optimize and improve the traffic or conversions of Real Estate Website. 1. Target Local Keywords It is important to target the local keywords based on your services, location and price. Always use business-relevant keywords. Avoid using the broad keywords because they have high competition and its very difficult to rank on the search engines results page. You can optimize your website by using the following phase keywords. Flats for sale + city House for sale + city Land for sale near +city Resale flats for sale + city Fully Furnished flats for sale + city Best Builders near + city Builders + city City + Real Estate agent Apartments for sale + city Apartments for rent + city city+ Real Estate Best Developers near + city You can use keyword Planner and Google Suggest for keyword research. 2. Write Real Estate Blog Write unique and relevant contents. Always use attractive videos and images, key features and also include highlights. Create an informative and educational post to attract and engage your customers. You can also engage your customers through social promotions. These posts will also give you a chance to appear higher in the search engine result pages. Use the main keyword in the title, subtitles, meta description, Alt text, File name, URLs, hashtags, and always avoiding the stuffing. 3. Photos and Videos for Real Estate Images play an important role in Real Estate SEO. Always use the images by adding proper file name, reduce image size and add ALT text. Images and Video attract the home buyer to select the properties. Create and optimize a YouTube Channel and upload the video on a regular basis but the videos should be relevant to your business. Share that video to your site and your social pages. Run a live-video on YouTube or Facebook to attract and engage a larger audience. 4. Improve the Site’s Performance If you want to rank on higher search engine results page then improve your site performance. Create quality links to increase your domains and page authority. Improve the performance of your website by optimizing speed, increase the time spent on the website, decrease bounce rate and always follow the effective link building techniques. 5. Mobile Optimization For Real Estate Once you have done all the essentials SEO of the website then you focus on optimizing the website for mobile. It is very important to have a mobile-friendly website or responsive design, it gives the good user experience. Make sure your target customers can access and use your website from any mobile device. Add accelerated mobile pages (AMP) to improve a website load time. You can also optimize images, reduce the large size of the image and all image feature an ALT text. You can also improve your site’s code to delete all Flash and Script elements to increase your pages’ load time. 6. Get Your Real Estate Business on Google When it comes to performing the SEO, then list your business in Google. Here are a few tips to guide you through the process: * Creating your Google My Business account. Fill out the form like- your physical address, your website name, your telephone numbers, and your email etc. Once you created your account then it will be very hard to change any information on the account. * Google will mail your authorization code to your physical address. Always use the correct address. If you don’t have a rented office, then you should use a home address. *You can customize your Google My Business page. Add your working hours and all contact information. Add photos and video of your business and a direct link to your homepage. Finally, write an informative, relevant and eye catchy description of your business. 7. Use Social Media You should create a social media profile such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Its connect with your targeted audience. Its build awareness, authority, and trust. It’s also Increase your exposure. Its drive more traffic and this traffic convert into customers. You can post and share your blog content, videos, and other important things on social media. Your post should always be related to your business from this your customers will engage easily. You can add local-focused hashtags and geotargeted keywords feature in descriptions

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